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Our clinic:

The CityDental clinic is located in the centre of Tartu, at 4 Ülikooli. Our modern and well-furnished clinic provides dental care, root canal treatment, oral surgery, implantology and prosthodontics services.

Our friendly staff makes every effort to make our patients as comfortable as possible and to provide high-quality services!

Opening hours:

Fri - Thu 
Sat - Sun  


09.00 - 19.00
09.00 - 17.00

Information and booking:

Mobile: (+372) 59 198 112
Telephone: (+372) 7 333 474
E-mail: info@citydental.ee

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The clinic has an agreement with Medicredit OÜ, which offers loans for the specific purpose of paying for medical procedures.

The loan allows financing dental care (incl. fabrication of dentures, fitting of dental implants)..

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